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The mission leading our work every day comes from far away. It follows the same ritual since three generations; it is powered by the same passion that animated Giuseppe Torrente over 60 years ago. The same obsessive attention to detail. The identical scrupulous craftsmanship. That is the reason why it can be summed up with a simple concept: the old genuineness in the furrows of tradition. A delightfulness that lasts over time and that has made itself known and appreciated in Italy and abroad. The result of experience, love, sacrifices. The tradition accompanies us in this work like a lighthouse. Delightfulness, tradition and not only. We put all our efforts into ensuring the highest quality in full compliance with European regulations and with environment friendly collection and processing standards. Each bottle, jar and can bearing La Torrente brand represents our mission. Every bottle, jar and can that leave our factories has been carefully inspected as we are the first consumers of La Torrente products. We think this is the best guarantee of quality and goodness.