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Organically grown tomatoes: the importance of ORGANIC

Organically grown tomatoes: the importance of ORGANIC

Nowadays you often hear about cultivation biological, almost as if it were a trend of the last few years but we’re dealing with actually with a much more serious and profound concept.

Not it’s in fact about buying a pair of trendy shoes and following the trend but, more concretely, it is a question of having to care about your health!

Know all how important it is to feed yourself in a healthy way and practice sporting activity to keep fit and, why not, also to be able to get into those tight jeans that you don’t really want do without; but how much importance is given to quality of food?

Can you really make a difference if you buy and eat organic?

Agriculture bases its principles on total respect for of the environment, of animal species and of course man.

this concept therefore allows us to protect the ecosystem and take care of the health of living beings.

the organic farming brings benefits vital, since:

  • respects the organic composition of the terreno,
  • Reduces the powerful impact that pesticides normally have on the hole ozone and heating global,
  • Avoid exposure of humans and animal species to situations toxic and foods not well balanced in nutrients.

the soil has by its very nature everything it takes to stimulate a normal growth of vegetables and fruits, thanks to the contribution of the right amount of water and light that the farmer undertakes to guarantee them.

The use of of chemical fertilizers therefore can prove to be highly harmful to health, that’s why the organic cultivation uses only fertilizers natural, such as: mulch, manure, etc.

One of the main results of such meticulous and environmentally friendly is the possibility of rediscovering the very savers of a time.

our grandparents, as well as their predecessors, did not know indeed the chemicals that are now used in the agriculture of industrial type and they were so lucky enough to eat only food genuine.

The authenticity of such flavors goes moreover hand in hand with the wealth of micronutrients essential for health, which are found unchanged and in large quantities in organic food.

the pomodore ad example is one of the vegetables, indeed it would be better to call it a frout, richer in antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements and fiber.

a light food from a caloric point of view, but apparently really hearty and tasty!

from eat fresh or cooked, past, in pieces and in every way you can imagine, tomato is one of the most important elements of heart Italian!

Numerous traditional recipes, as well as as many gourmet delicacies proposals from top-notch michelin-starred chefs, they see it in fact often protagonist!

Organic cultivation of tomatoes according The Stream

The Torrente, company that bases its origins in a peasant tradition that begins in 1965, is proud to identify as a great supporter (not only at the theoretical level, but above all practically) of the principles organic farming.

the Torrente family owes its livelihood to the land, from which has obtained the fruits without ever forcing the natural course of Crops.

in particular, that of tomato, the basic food of Mediterranean diet, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, still happens today as in past: the fertile soil in which it is planted provides naturally its nutrients to the fruit and, thanks to the few interventions implemented by the expert farmers who are part of the of the production chain, not at all impacting from the point of view of the result can only be excellent!

in the full respect for regulation organic farming, the company La Torrente practices this type of cultivation, having the care to use purely natural products, useful to prevent the formation of bacteria and other microorganisms that could damage the crop.

all the production process, from sowing to processing and retention, is then implemented following the guidelines organic farming.

moreover to make our products better, we have on our side also the luck to benefit from an ideal climate, the climate tempered of the wonderful Italy, which provides agriculture with everything needs: adequate temperatures, humidity and sunlight.

In addition, the fertile soils of southern Italy, see the dead clays of Puglia and those of volcanic origin of Campania, are rich in mineral salts, indispensable to give vegetables the right nourishment.

with the need, moreover, to not manipulate the course natural nature of these crops, La Torrente carries out periodic tests to examine the wholesomeness of soil, plants and water irrigation system.

Thank you to this carysine work, therefore, the company has the opportunity to bring high quality products to the table, with perfume and taste Unrivalled!

the tomatoes of the House La Torrente stand out in fact just for characteristics organoleptic, as well as for the considerable nutritional intake.

a simple dish of tomato paste, strictly prepared with La Torrente tomato (obvious!), can become one of the most special dishes to serve on the table, both whether it’s cooking a quick meal for your family and whether you choose to welcome your friends at lunch.

the secret of many specialties of our cuisine in fact it is precisely in the selection of students better!

the Torrente, in general, has chosen to target its supply chain production on the most natural processing methods possible, as well as to use organic farming areas specifications for which more attention is paid to the use of phytotreatments and feeding of the plant.

these last in fact take place under the inflexible supervision of the experienced, who have a duty to comply with the rules in force relating to the organic cultivation.

is precisely for this reason that the preserves La Torrente, especially those of the PomoBio, they always have the scent and flavor of freshly picked tomatoes.

Dates, passata, pulp, peeled and whole organic cherry tomatoes enrich our shop to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive and environmentally friendly clientele.

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